A Fruit Tree Exchange for Schefflenz

The question of the future of our cultural landscape, especially the orchard meadows and the fruit trees scattered across the countryside, is currently a hot topic. Many people no longer have the time or perhaps the ability to continue to care for their trees or use the fruit, and they are worried about what will become of them. At the same time, we hope that there will be new generations who have a newly awakened interest in nature, especially in having and using their own fruit, to eat or make their own natural juice. Or maybe something stronger!

In order to bring these people together, we have created a fruit tree exchange, where people with fruit trees to offer can register with us. We have created a catalogue in which we list the available trees or plots and the preferences of the owners, whether they are looking for sponsors, tenants, or even the sale of the plots. We then invite those looking for access to fruit trees to get in touch and tell us what they are looking for and we will help put people in touch with each other, to preserve the fruit tree heritage of Schefflenz. 

 This fits in with our ethos and supports the work of the pomologist association of which we are members. No fees, and of course strictly private.

How does it work?

For Offerers

If you have a fruit trees that you no longer use, but would like to see them cared for and put to good use, you can offer them to interested people through the Schefflenzer Obstbaumbörse. Whether it is a single tree, a row on the edge of a field, or an orchard, we will try to find someone who will take care of the trees. You decide how that relationship is to be defined, whether you want a godparent, a lease, or even to sell.

Simply fill in the appropriate form and give it to us. We will enter it into the catalog of items available, and if possible, visit the trees with you to record the location and number of trees. Then, when someone calls looking for fruit trees, we can match up their preferences to yours, and put them in contact with you.

If you are interested, please come by for a registration form, or pick it up from the town hall. Alternatively, you can download the forms as PDF, print them out and fill them in at your leisure.

For Searchers

If you have always wanted to have fruit trees, but never had access to any, or if you want to help maintain the cultural landscape of Schefflenz, then the Obstbaumbörse is something for you. Here you can find people who are offering access to fruit trees, either to godparents, to leases, or people interested in buying and maintaining orchards.

Have a look at the overview catalogue below and then contact us to let us know which entries you are interested in. You can simply contact us by e-mail or phone. We will then put you in contact with the owners of the trees so that both parties can come to an appropriate agreement.

Current Status

Listings in Catalog
Trees in Catalog
Listings Available
Available Trees


Katalog Nr.OrtArt des ObjektsBäumeGesuchtEigentumstypVerfügbarkeit
1MittelschefflenzBaumreihe4 Apfelbäume, 1 BirnePatenschaftPrivatNicht Verfügbar
2MittelschefflenzBaumreihe1 Apfelbaum, 1 BirnbaumPatenschaftPrivatVerfügbar
3MittelschefflenzBaumgarten6 ApfelbäumePatenschaftPrivatVerfügbar
4OberschefflenzBaumreihe2 BirnbäumePatenschaftPrivatVerfügbar