Our Ciders

Our cider is made in small batches, reflecting the hand-crafted nature of our products. As with any natural product the harvest can be a little different every year, as can the subtle properties of the apples from any given tree. As a result, we place an emphasis on this annual character by stating the vintage of every cider we make. They are generally fermented to dry, as we try to let nature takes its course with minimal intervention. While all our ciders are produced in relatively limited quantity, some experimental ciders are especially limited. Any ciders listed as being limited edition were generally made to 20 or 30 litres in total. Below is a list of currently available ciders. 


A single variety Rheinischer Bohnapfel cider. Surprisingly phenolic for a German apple variety, this cider has a slightly smoky backbone with a burst of strawberry sorbet fruitiness. Ein sortenreiner Rheinischer Bohnapfel Cider. Erstaunlich phenolisch für eine deutsche Apfelsorte, hat dieser Cider eine leicht rauchige Grundlage mit einer fruchtigen Erbeer-Sorbet-Explosion.

6.3% ABV
330ml: €3.45 / 750ml: €7,85

Belle Saison

An orchard blend fermented with Belgian Saison beer yeast. The result is a slightly funky sparkling cider with spicy notes. Eine Apfelmischung, die mit belgischer Saison-Bierhefe vergoren wird. Das Ergebnis ist ein leicht prickelnder Cider mit würzigen Noten.
7,10 ABV
330ml: €3.45 / 750ml: €7.85

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Limted Edition Perry

A small-batch, wild-fermented dry perry made from five unknown perry pear varieties foraged around Schefflenz. Matured on the lees for 8 months.
58 numbered bottles.

7.2% ABV
750ml: €15,95

Schweizer Wasserbirne

A medium perry made with one of the most common Mostbirne varietes in Baden-Württemberg, the Schweizer Wasserbirne.

6.3% ABV
330ml: €3.95 / 750ml: €8,95

Maker's Reserve

2016 Dabinett & 2017 Michelin from Tempted Cider in Northern Ireland, blended with Kertelreiter Lacrimae Mundi 2019. A meeting of ciders from two traditions, tannin & acid-led, coming together to create depth & flavour.
7,1% ABV
330ml: €3.45

1806 Spiced Perry

A recreation of a German perry recipe form 1806. A mix of juice from Oberösterreicher Weinbirne, Schweizer Wasserbirne and and an unknown perry variety, infused with honey, elderflower and spices.
Very limited edition!

7.0% ABV
330ml: €6.15 / 750ml: €13,95


A blend of Oberösterreicher Weinbirne, Schweizer Wasserbirne and Luxemburger Mostbirne, aged on lees for seven months.
Limited Edition.

7,0% ABV
330ml: €4.80 / 750ml: €10.95

An Craobh Airgid

Irish for “the Silver Branch”, a mythical object with white apple blossom that was a gateway to the otherworld. In this case, An Craobh Airgid is a dry cider aged nine months in a traditional oak cider barrel, with further ageing on toasted apple wood.

7.5% ABV
330ml: €3.45


A wild-fermented single variety dry cider. Jonagold is one of the best known apple varieties around today, and with good reason. The apples are juicy, aromatic and have a sweet-sour taste. But do they make a good cider? We think so!
6.7% ABV
330ml: €3.45

Lacrimae Mundi

The tears of the world. A dry cider aged in a former Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique. High acidity combined with oaky tannins.

6.8% ABV
330ml: €3.45

Goldener Reiter

A blend of oak-aged cider and quince wine, resulting in this highly aromatic, sparkling cider with notes of tropical fruits and a refreshing, pleasant acidity.

6,7% ABV
330ml: €3,45