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Who we are

We are a small, family-run, orchard-based cidery, producing small-batch, hand-crafted cider in the village of Schefflenz, North Baden, Germany. 

This is what happens when an Irishman moves to a tiny German village! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

What is Cider?

Apfelwein, Most, Cider, Cidre, Sidra. They are all regional aspects of the same thing: a refreshing alcoholic drink made by fermenting apple juice. Learn more…

We manage a small orchard that was neglected for many years. We care for the old trees, while rejuvenating the orchard over time. Such spaces are islands of wildlife diversity, which we try to encourage in whatever way we can. An interest in heirloom apples and pears, and cider varieties, drives other aspects of our work, whether bringing in new varieties, or trying to conserve rare local types. Learn more…

Our Cider

Our cider is made in small batches, reflecting the hand-crafted nature of our products. As with any natural product the harvest can be a little different every year, as can the subtle properties of the apples from any given tree. As a result, we place an emphasis on this annual character by stating the vintage of every cider we make. They are generally fermented to dry, as we try to let nature takes its course, with minimal intervention. Learn more…

The countryside surrounding the villages that comprise Gemeinde Schefflenz are scattered with large old specimen pear trees, rows of apple trees along roadsides and small orchards between fields. The majority are unused, the fruit left to rot every Autumn. We founded and organise the Schefflenzer Orchard Exchange, a kind of marketplace to encourage our community to maintain and use these fruit trees and to plant more. Learn more…


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