21.06.2023 – Pellicle Magazine: A Man about a Dog

Ein sehr nettes Profil über Barry und seine Liebe zu Birnbäumen und Perry, verfasst von Adam Wells und veröffentlicht im hervorragenden Pellicle Magazine. Auf Englisch.

25.01.2022 – Urban Forrestry Radio: Making Perry

Ein Live-Interview mit Susan Poizner  und Barry in der Urban Forestry Radio Show, das später als Teil von Susans Podcast veröffentlicht wurde. In dieser Folge sprechen Susan und Barry über Birnen, die Herstellung von Perry, die Geschichte und ein wenig darüber, welche Sorten man nützlich finden könnte. Aud Englisch.

 29.10.2021 – Ein Hobby Außer Kontrolle

Ein kurzer Dokumentarfilm, gedreht von einem Team von Studenten der Dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, mit einem kurzen Profil von Barry und den Anfängen der Apfelweinherstellung. Auf Deutsch.

 04.06.2021 – Cider Review: Three Perries from Kertelreiter

Ein Interview mit Barry in Textform, gefolgt von Adam Wells‘ Verkostungsnotizen zu drei 2019er Perrys: Pale Rider, No Remorse und Levitation. Auf Englisch.

„In a nutshell: Ridiculously Good Perry™… Wenn diese drei die Qualität von Barrys erstem Perry-Jahrgang repräsentieren, werden die 2020er wahrscheinlich ein echter Knaller.“

16.12.2020 – Cider Chat: Episode 251

Ein Gespräch mit Ria Windcaller und Barry über die Anfänge von Kertelreiter und die Herstellung von Apfelwein in Deutschland. Auch mit einer kleinen Verkostung! Auf Englisch.

Cider & Perry Reviews

02.07.2023 –  Der Originalverkorkt-Podcast: Kertelreiter Luminosity 2022

Christoph Raffelt, from Büro für Wein & Kommunikation, tastes the 2022 Luminosity single variety perry. In German.

17.12.2022 – Cider Review: essential case of cider and perry 2022

Adam Wells reflects on 2022 and selects 13 ciders and perries to comprise his Essential Case of 2022. We were so pleased to see thatHelden 2021 was incuded in his list!

“If I were to make a list of my top five perrymakers in the world, there’s no doubt in my mind that Barry Masterson and his Kertelreiter brand would be on it. The best perries are made by the folk most obsessive and invested, after all, and there’s no one who falls into that category more squarely than Barry.”

19.11.2022 – Cider Review: Five perries from Kertelreiter

As Kertelreiter became available on the UK market, Adam Wells ran through five of our perries, four from 2021 vintage and one special 2020 release.

19.09.2022 – Cider Review: Meet your perrymaker: Kertelreiter

A quick profile of Kertelreiter during the 2022 perry month. 

11.12.2021 – Cider Review: essential case of cider and perry 2021

Adam Wells reflects on the notion of joy, and selects 13 ciders and perries to comprise his Essential Case of 2021. We were so pleased to see that our *insert chef’s kiss emoji* 2020 was one included.

“An enormous yet beautifully-balanced fruit cocktail of a drink, all citrus, pear fruit, quince jelly and tropical tones. Probably the bottle I’ve most lamented not having a second of…”

25.09.2021 – Cider Review: Three 2020 Perries from Kertelreiter

An interesting article on the international bonds that are so important to cider and perry, followed by Adam Wells’ tasting notes of three 2020 perries: 1806 Spiced Perry, Levitation 2020 and *insert chef’s kiss emoji*.

“I’ve been an open fan of Barry’s ciders and perries for a while now, but these three, to my mind, collectively represent his best work to date.”

04.06.2021 – Cider Review: Three Perries from Kertelreiter

An interview with Barry followed by Adam Wells’ tasting notes of three 2019 perries: Pale Rider, No Remorse and Levitation.

“In a nutshell: Ridiculously Good Perry™… If these three represent the quality of Barry’s first perry vintage, the 2020s are likely to be showstopping.”

25.05.2021 Cider Review: Ascension Voss Kveik Russet and Kertelreiter Straumr 2019

Includes a review of Straumr 2019, our Kveik-fermented cider.

“In a nutshell: Pristine Lilt for grown-ups. Another superb Kertelreiter.”

03.05.2021 Cider Explorer: Kertelreiter Highway to Hüll 2019

“Due to mineral notes I had the impression I was drinking a pleasant white wine from the Rhine area. It is complex, nicely build so for me it was actually a challenge to identify notes both on the nose and on the palate.”

12.04.2021 Cider Explorer: Kertelreiter Quince 2019

“I especially liked the combination of quince, lemon and green, unripe lemon as I thought it contributed very nicely to the overall impression of this quince wine.“

08.03.2021 Cider Explorer: Kertelreiter Levitation 2019

“I’m looking at my tasting notes right now and I don’t think they properly describe the experience that you get while drinking this perry as the Levitation 2019 is a magnificent drop. And, one of the best perry’s that I ever had!”

20.06.2020 Cider Review: Five Kertelreiter Ciders

A review of five 2018 vintage ciders by Adam Wells.

“These are, without exception, crisp, clear, clean and brilliantly refreshing. I would order and drink all again. They are another validation for dry cider that is allied to freshness and acidity.”

Articles & Publications by Barry

29.10.2022 – Cider Review: On the Winification of Cider

A look at how cider was compared to wine going back a few hundred years.

29.10.2022 – Cider Review: The Quest for the Turgovian Pear Part II

Concluding the search begun in late 2020, and identifying which pear the Turgovian actually was. Or is!

06.08.2022 – Cider Review: Sorbs and Medlars and Sloes, Oh My!

Exporing historical usage of other fruits in cider and perry, both as technical additions, and simply to expand flavour profiles.

02.04.2022 – Cider Review: The Magic of Grafting

Barry explores the history and magic of grafting fruit trees, whilst sharing some of his own personal experiences.

01.11.2021 – Pomologen-Verein Jahresheft 2021: Der Einfluss von Cider und Perry auf die Pomologie Großbritanniens

Eine kurze Geschichte darüber, wie Cider und Perry das Wachstum der Pomlogie in Großbritannien beeinflusst haben. Sie berührt die nationalen Obstsammlungen, insbesondere das National Perry Pear Centre, und zeigt, wie wichtig die Bewahrung dieses Erbes für Hersteller und Trinker gleichermaßen ist.

20.09.2021 – Cider Review: Pyrus – A Personal Voyage

How the perry pear trees surrounding the village of Schefflenz have inspired Barry to make perry, and make attempts to preserve old and rare varieties.

21.06.2021 – Cider Review: Perry, Pomonas and Pomology

Barry outlines a brief history of how cider and perry influenced the growth of pomlogy in Britain, touching on national fruit collections, especially the National Perry Pear Centre, and how important preserving this heritage is for makers and drinkers alike.

08.09.2021 – Cider Review: The Quest for the Turgovian Pear

A pear first written about in the 17th Century, and reputed to make „the most superlative perry the world has seen“. But where is it now? Barry is on the detective trail.